Technical Information

Images on a Full HD Television

To display the pictures as sharp as possible we selected a Full HD television that has an option to display images from an USB stick in an automatic slideshow.

Full HD has a resolution of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. The images we created are exact this resolution, so the television does not need to up or downscale the images

To Find the right television we took a USB stick, containing some test images, with us to several shops to try the result on several TV’s. (In the end we chose a Sony KDL-46W4000.)

We do advise you to really test televisions before you buy one for this purpose. We have tested about 20 televisions, and about 80% was terrible in displaying the photo slideshow.

Examples of some problems we encountered:

  •           Weird black dots around sharp edges on the images
  •           Images where displayed fuzzy
  •           Images where not recognized at all
  •           No looping (in a showroom it is useful if a slideshow can loop forever)

Download our solution

you can download a zip file with all the images we use. (328 MB)

An alternative is to use a DVD player to display the catalogue on a (standard) television


The resolution of a DVD is only 720 pixels wide en 576 pixels high !

So in comparison:

  •           Full HD  = 1920x1080 = 2.016.000 pixels  ~ 2 Mega pixel
  •           DVD     = 720x575 = 414.720 pixels  ~ 0.4 Mega pixel

So in resolution the DVD is already a lot less sharp, and the mpeg compression of the DVD movie will take away even more sharpness. On the other hand, the DVD can be played on most existing installations, and is probably sufficient for smaller display sizes.

Here you can download an .iso file for DVD players. (2 GB)

The DVD will start automatically and pages will fade over . Total runtime is approximately 26 minutes, and the DVD will loop automatically.

A good, simple and free program to burn .iso files to a DVD can be found here.


How to burn an image file to a DVD

Please find hereunder a small video that explains how to download and use IMGBURN.